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Political Solution to Syrian Crisis Reiterated

China called on the international community to keep the general direction for a political solution and push for the solution of the Syrian crisis through dialogue by all the parties in Syria.


The statement came as Liu Jieyi, the Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, was taking the floor at the UN Security Council after two opposing draft resolutions on Syria failed to pass the 15-nation UN body.


"On the question of Syria, the international community should keep the general direction for a political solution and push for the solution of the question of Syria through dialogue by all the parties in Syria so that the war can be ended as soon as possible," Liu said.


China abstained from the French-drafted resolution, which sought to end airstrikes on the north Syrian city of Aleppo by grounding the Russian and Syrian military planes over Aleppo, and voted in favor of the Russian draft which called for an end to hostilities in the Middle East country and ensure humanitarian access to the Syrian people in need. The two draft resolutions both failed to be approved by the Security Council.


"Actions by the Security Council should be able to truly help ease the situation in order to help push for an end to hostilities by the parties and to support and coordinate UN efforts of humanitarian assistance," he said, adding that such actions should be instrumental to the stronger efforts to combat terrorist groups as designated by the Security Council, including the Islamic State (IS), which is also known as ISIS.


"The action should be able to help in seeking a solution acceptable by all the parties and a political process owned and led by the Syrians under the auspices of the United Nations," Liu said.


The draft resolution proposed by France and Spain contains a number of important elements, such as the implementation of a ceasefire, a call for a political solution, the improvement of humanitarian situation and enhancing the efforts to combat terrorism, he noted.


"But some of the content in the draft resolution does not reflect the full respect for the sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of Syria, and the constructive views of some council members have not been incorporated, so China has to abstain in the vote on this draft resolution," he said.


On the other hand, the Russian draft called upon all the parties to cease hostilities and open humanitarian access in order to enhance efforts to combat terrorism, to support the good office by the UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, and called for an early resumption of peace talks in Geneva.


The Russian-drafted resolution gave consideration to ceasefire, humanitarian assistance, joint efforts to combat terrorism and political negotiations, he noted. "It also reflected the full respect for the sovereignty, independence, unification and territorial integrity of Syria, with content that is comprehensive and balanced."


Therefore, "China voted in favor of the draft resolution, and we regretted that the draft resolution was not adopted," he said.


"Syria is an important country in the Middle East, the early restoration of peace and stability is in the common interest of Syria and countries in the region, and that of the international community," he said.


"China hopes that the Security Council will really take the safety of the Syrian people as the first priority and stay united and build up consensus and continue the efforts to push for a political solution of the question of Syria to jointly work to prevent the expansion and spread of terrorism, and play a constructive role in maintaining peace and stability in Syria and the region," he added.


(Xinhua News Agency October 8, 2016)

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