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  • W020171215650869302645.jpg
    Balletic Violence Revisited
    John Woo returns to his signature "gun fu" action thrillers
  • timg (15).jpg
    Face is All
    Biometric authentication is no longer a dazzling high-tech invention that only appears in science fiction or spy films
  • 3lanes7alleys3_024849.jpg
    Land of Blessings
    Fuzhou re-establishes its links to the maritime Silk Road and places a special emphasis on tourism
  • W020171208621795937641.jpg
    By the Seaside, By the Sea
    Standardization injects fresh impetus into Hainan's tourism development
  • timg (5).jpg
    Liu Yifei to Play Disney's Mulan
    Chinese actress Liu Yifei is set to star as the titular female warrior in Disney's live-action adaptation of the classic Chinese epic, Mulan.
  • A Multitude of Choices
    Lifestyle exhibition caters to consumers' developing tastes
  • W020171114473381275273.jpg
    A Cultural Microcosm
    A master painter tells his story of drawing mini-worlds inside snuff bottles
  • W020171113571591522324.jpg
    Enchanting Undulations
    Chinese belly dance enthusiasts reignite the popularity of the ancient Egyptian tradition
  • W020171109643222799552.jpg
    The Book Doctors
    Chinese historical texts gain a new lease of life
  • New Lease of Life
    A university professor seeks to save the endangered cultural heritage of the Miao ethnic minority
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