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Understanding China Through Keywords (05/01/17)
Prevailing terms help to expand understanding of China

Learning keywords is one of the best ways to keep abreast of the latest developments in a country. The China Academy of Translation, a research institute affiliated with the China International Publishing Group, the country's leading international publisher, regularly analyzes prevailing Chinese terms in various sectors and translates them into a number of foreign languages ranging from English to Arabic. In each issue, Beijing Review presents a selection of these keywords to help readers know more about China.


Upgrading the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership


China and the EU are two influential players on the international stage and two major markets, and represent two major civilizations. Against the backdrop of growing multi-polarity, economic globalization, increasing cultural diversity and greater democracy in international relations, Sino-EU cooperation assumes greater importance as a strategic model for the rest of the world in shaping the balance of power in international relations and promoting world peace and development.


Addressing the College of Europe in Bruges in April 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed building a bridge of peace and stability linking the two influential players, a bridge of growth and prosperity linking the two big markets, a bridge of reform and progress linking the reform processes in China and the EU, and a bridge of cultural prosperity linking the two major civilizations.


Building relations with Africa based on sincerity, real results, friendship and good faith


In his speech in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in March 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping summarized the history of Sino-African friendship and the experience of developing such a friendship, and elaborated on his proposals for concerted efforts to promote peace and development in the new era.


First, China has a sincere desire to build strong ties with its African friends. Solidarity and cooperation with African countries have always been an important part of China's foreign policy. Second, cooperation with Africa has been and will continue to be results-oriented. China will honor every commitment it makes to Africa. Third, the traditional and intimate friendship between the Chinese and African peoples will continue to be strengthened. Efforts will be made to expand people-to-people exchanges, especially youth exchange programs, so that the friendship can be passed on to younger generations. Fourth, China will always act in good faith in addressing problems that might occur in its relations with Africa.


Building relations with neighboring countries based on friendship, good faith, mutual benefit and inclusiveness


Topping China's foreign policy agenda is the need for building relations with neighboring countries based on friendship, good faith, mutual benefit and inclusiveness. It is an issue of strategic importance. China and its neighbors share an aspiration to foster a stable and peaceful regional environment. Both logic and cultural affinity point to the wisdom of a good-neighbor policy. It is therefore China's wish to build ties with neighboring countries on such a basis.


Friendship involves good-neighborly interactions, mutual support and assistance, and frequent reciprocal visits, and is informed by equality, cultural affinity, and empathy. It contributes to stronger ties, and enhances the appeal of the region as a whole and its impact on world affairs. Good faith is required in working with neighbors. China needs more friends and partners. Mutual benefit is the foundation on which China cooperates with its neighbors. It helps strengthen networks for those who share common interests, and enables China and its neighbors to benefit from each other as they pursue their development strategies. Inclusiveness is indispensable to regional cooperation. Underpinned by the belief that the Asia-Pacific region is large enough to accommodate all, China encourages open-mindedness as it works more proactively toward shared goals.


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