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China's Rising Role in the World
China's rapid development and its stature as a responsible power win it worldwide recognition
Editorial |NO. 45 NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era is a historic redefinition of China's current situation by the recently concluded 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. This new era means more than China's great leap from standing up to becoming rich and strong; it implies that China has already taken world center stage, contributing Chinese wisdom and Chinese approaches to the world's development based on its success in socialism with Chinese characteristics in terms of theory, system, culture, etc.

Recent years have witnessed China playing an increasingly important role in global economic governance, as proved by the proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative, the convening of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016, the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank, the operation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and the raising of the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, which has been written into United Nations'documents.

China's rapid development and its stature as a responsible power win it worldwide recognition, as it takes a place in the center of the world stage.

Today, China's economic aggregate is the world's second largest, contributing more than 30 percent of global economic growth. China is now a strong engine for world economic development and one of the world's manufacturing centers. It has realized global allocation of resources and energies, which amplifies China's influence in world markets.

The Chinese economy is getting increasingly integrated with the global economy by forging partnerships with many economies, in terms of trade and investment, which are gradually becoming part of each other. It's not a stretch to say that every economic policy initiated by China exerts a certain impact on the global economy.

As it becomes stronger and more powerful, China is actively getting involved in global governance, producing a series of initiatives and approaches in global politics, economy, security, etc. China is now an indispensable driving force for the evolution of international relationships and also a steadfast advocate for world peace and economic globalization. China has always stuck to justice and peaceful solutions to regional conflicts and bilateral disputes. This adds to China's international influence, magnetism and shaping power.

In this era of dramatic changes and rapid development, peace and development remain the theme of the times. China will continue to uphold the banner of peace, development and win-win cooperation, try to make more contributions to human society and press ahead with construction of the community of shared future for mankind.

No matter how uneven the road ahead is, it's firmly believed that as a key power on the world stage, China will make greater contributions to the world's peace, security and development.

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